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Unstoppable with caffeine. CEO of Sol Roth Media.


First and foremost, I'm an actor. Sometimes without a part to play, but always performing, reaching, trying to feel alive for a moment in the reflection of a role, a character to lose myself in, a fantasy, a day dream, a reality in a reality,a simulation in the simulation of life. I'm driven to express the creative musings echoing in my soul, and to revel in the attention from the expression of my true self.

My tagline is simple, but disjointed. I'm an actor, artist and athlete. Like so many other people, in the blind grandeur and immortal feelings of youth,I didn't set myself up to follow my dreams correctly. I thought I'd have more time and that opportunities would somehow find a way to me from passion alone (they didn't). Don't worry I'm not dying yet, I'm healthy, strong and full of motivation to kick some ass and make it happen.

I realize now, that little voice in my head, the one yearning to find creative projects, the one desperately seeking mediums for artistic self expressions, only got louder and louder. The more I put it off, the more I tried to avoid facing the fact that my trajectory in life was not inline with what I really wanted , the more I didn't follow it, the crazier I felt, the less full-filled, and the LOUDER that voice got (figuratively speaking, I don't actually hear voices). The time is now. This is the year we make it happen (and next year and the next after that).

So this one is for me.. haha, but it's also for you. For everyone who took a little while to get their life goals together, who had to work a little harder than everyone else and by pure worth ethic, desire and passion had to forge a way through after the initial path to their dreams was closed. This one's for you!

Actor and artist fit together nice, I create films, I write them, act, direct,produce and all other other buzz words you can tag yourself with when you make independent films. I visualize, I build worlds in the my dreams and then make them true (outside of my 9-5 hahah). The athlete part is the added on bit, but it all goes together to understanding me. Fitness has always been a part of my life, It channels my core warrior spirit, it keeps me strong, both literally (physical strength) and mentally by relieving stress and allowing me to focus on the now, to push myself beyond the discomfort to achieve an aesthetic ideal. Also, I work out every single day, so It's a good stable base for blogging and building the action star structure, I will showcase in future productions. Plus I just like it, haha. I'm always trying to do more, practice new things, and build a better body. You can join me on that journey as well.

The art of destruction is simpler than creation. So easy to destroy a world, but so hard to build a new one. Because of this, an artist usually must be a selfish person, driven to try and create in a world, that will almost certainly find it easier to destroy / judge/ tear down your creation than to live it, accept it, enjoy it or improve it. I engineer my own reality and before the brand of Sol Roth was dreamed up and I began this ascent or if this was a dystopian tale, descent into my story telling dreamscape, I was a failed artist. A failure in this sense that I wasn’t expressing myself in the way that I am innately driven to do. This is my epilogue, my beginning and my end. This is my immortality. My selfish obsession that placates my compulsive insanity and helps me stay motivated in my life.

In challenging times, when I'm faced with difficulties, crippling self doubt and the feelings of being overwhelmed, I re-read the comments and emails from my fans, I re-read all the messages from people who said they were inspired, entertained or touched by something I created. That gives me strength to push on and renews my willpower, drive and abilities. EVERY single fan and every comment is immensely appreciated. I couldn't do this without you. To my fans, thank you so much - You're all awesome!

Featured Filmmography

Sol Roth's the Audition (2020)

Actor / Writer / Director

Sol Roth is put through the ultimate acting audition, performing back to back parts spanning genres, characters and stories across the full gamete of human emotion. While on quarantine from covid-19, Sol Roth challenged himself to create a throw back to the original acting masters who used only their body and voice as tools to bring stories to life long before the age of cgi and even film. The Audition is a beautiful self aware minimalist movie will carry you away on journeys in your own mind as each monologue unlocks a unique story. Love or hate it, Sol Roth has created a rare modern homage to the acting art form. Timeless subject: acting monologues with modern twists. The Auteur writer/director is the social media star, Sol Roth. Shot in stunning film like monochrome, this minimalist film is a beautiful homage to the acting art form.

Reviews and Ratings Sol Roth's the Audition (2020) on IMDb

Unique and moving, The Audition is a unique little gem that succeeds
Rehan Abbasi IMDB Top User with 2300+ Movie ratings

...The Audition is an interesting visual spectacle to say the least. The entire experience is in black and white, to nudge the viewer to focus towards Sol's physical performance and to tune out everything else. This develops an interesting dynamic between the actor and the audience as Sol frequently breaks the fourth wall in his quest to move the audience. Donning the persona of widely different individuals from different walks of life, Sol provides a powerhouse display of emotions across the board as he digs deep into each character that he portrays. Creative and inventive in equal measure, this visual experiment succeeds because it is moving, it is inspiring and above all, it is confident. Filled with nuance and subtlety, Sol's expressive stint will not only wake up the right people in the industry but is sure to make them take notice of this extremely talented young man.
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The Dollface Slasher (2015)

Actor / Writer / Director

In a small town rocked by horrific murders, Kelly and Jason decide to stay safe, cozy up and watch a horror movie. Little do they know, they'll be starring in their own massacre when they are attacked by a masked figure in this modern homage to the classic slasher movies of the 80s and 90s

Reviews and Ratings

Excellent for what it's meant to be, a short homage that captures the spirit of old slasher. | Jennifer Watkins

"...For starters, this This This movie captures a lot within a short amount of time. The starting makes it seem like it's going to be a droll buster wannabe, which saddened me, but three minutes in (Hey, in an 11 minute movie, that's a lot!) you realize you've been duped. This movie manages to capture the spirit of the old slasher flicks pretty well to a T. You have all the hallmarks, which of course comes with the pitfalls, but by the end you're just wishing this was a full length feature. In that regard, I believe it did it's job perfectly as a short homage. The actors and actresses gave a great performance when compared to other Indie stars, while the scream from Kelly is just pure slasher magic. I find myself now wishing this was a glorified trailer and we'd be seeing more of it in the future, with an expanded run time and plot, (Maybe more about that awesome dollface killer?) but unfortunately we live on planet earth.... so that won't happen. All in all, kudos. Very good job."
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Film Festivals and Theatrical Screening Locations.
  • HollyShorts 2016 - Hollywood, California, USA (theatrical festival premiere)
  • Fright Night Film Fest 2016 - Louisville, Kentucky, USA (shown theatrically)
  • Horror In the Hills 2016 - Pigeon Forge, TN, USA (shown theatrically)
  • LAIFFA 2016 - Los Angeles, CA USA (shown theatrically)
  • AVIFF Cannes Broadcast Catalog Selection - Cannes, France
  • Eurocinema Film Festival - Switzerland (selected, but didn't screen)
  • Austria International Film Festival - Austria (selected, but didn't screen)
  • Cinema New York City, New York, USA (selected, but didn't screen)

Legacy Films and Older Works

Early on as filmmaker and artist, I was very experimental, headstrong and overly ambitious in my quest to tell original stories. Some things I tried, worked, some didn't, but ost of what I created, I don't regret making. I'm happy for the opportunities I was able to take advantage of. I don't link to or reference most of my early works on this site. Why?. Time passed, I improved my skill-set, technology improved and the world changed. Many of my early works, are not evergreen, they can't be appreciated now, in th same way as when I created them. Although I earned many fans and still receive emails, messages and comments from people all over the world from these works, most do not hold up to current quality standards expected of a professional filmmaker (some of my early work had audio issues and were not in HD, as just a few examples). Over time, I learned how to create works that would reach larger audiences and be accepted, enjoyed and understood. If you do seek out and find my older works (some of them have millions of views and VOD distribution, so they are not invisible). I hope you enjoy them and would love to hear your thoughts. Just please realize they aren't representative of the quality I can produce and the vision of how I tell modern stories. I've improved a lot and I'm always striving to be better.


The best way to reach me is via an email or a text message 805-827-2484. Don't be shy, I'm always working on new filmmaking projects, creating content daily and I love talking to my fans and potential collaborators. I'm active across many social media sites and I will respond to comments and messages on there as well.